Uganda Long safaris

Uganda Long Safaris / Long safaris in Destination Uganda

Uganda Long Safaris / Long safaris in Uganda / Long gorilla trekking safaris Uganda Long safaris feature long Uganda tours and include chimpanzee safaris, gorilla trekking safaris, wildlife safaris, boat safaris, bird watching safaris, photography safaris, hiking tours and cultural safaris. You can book tailor made Uganda long safaris for different Uganda activities to the […]

Lion in Kidepo Valley NP- Cost of Uganda safaris

Cost of Uganda Safaris or Cost of Uganda Holidays

Cost of Uganda safaris / Cost of Uganda Wildlife Safaris / Cost of African safaris / Cost of Uganda safari holidays Do you want to know about the cost of Uganda Safaris? This will certainly help the curious traveller interested in a safari to Uganda to avoid surprises down the track or while on a […]

Kidepo Wilderness safaris- 2020 Uganda Wildlife safaris

Kidepo Wildlife Safaris-Kidepo National park safaris

Kidepo Wildlife Safaris, Safaris to Kidepo Valley National park, Cultural safaris in Kidepo   If you are in Uganda and you are planning to visit Kidepo Valley National park, we do organize scheduled and tailor made Kidepo wildlife safaris for 3 days safari, 4 days fly-in safari or 5 days road trip safari. Kidepo Valley […]

Jackon’s harte beast- Kidepo National park

Top Activities to do in Kidepo Valley National Park

Best top activities to do in Kidepo Valley National Park. Kidepo Valley National park is 1,442km2, was gazetted as a national park in 1962 and lies in the rugged, semi-arid valleys between Uganda’s borders with Sudan and Kenya. It is the most isolated national park in Uganda and few who made it here agree that […]