Oribi Antelop- Kidep Wildlife Safaris, Uganda safaris to book now, 2022 Uganda safaris

Uganda Safari Booking- Uganda safaris 2022

Uganda Safari Booking Uganda Safaris to book now / Uganda safari packages / 2022 Uganda safaris / Book Uganda safaris / Uganda safari itineraries / Uganda Safari Tours Empty National Parks? The best time to book the best Uganda safaris is now. Uganda is open for tourism for most countries around the world. Below we […]

10 Best bird watching places in Uganda

7 Days of Gorillas chimps and shoebill stork safari

7 Days of Gorillas chimps and shoebill stork safari / Shoebill stork tour to Mabamba swamp / Gorilla trekking and shoebills / chimpanzee trekking and shoebills This 7 days of gorillas chimps and shoebill stork safari will show you the highlights of Uganda. You will begin with a shoebill stork tour at Mabamba wetland swamp […]

Hipppo at Kainga channel- 2020 Uganda wildlife safaris

2020 Uganda wildlife Safaris /Uganda wildlife safaris

2020 Uganda Wildlife Safaris /Safaris in Uganda / Gorilla Trekking safaris in Uganda / Visit Uganda in 2020 Uganda, the pearl of Africa is unique destination that travellers should be travelling to in 2020. The country not only has the world’s most friendly people, but is also gifted by nature. There is so much for […]

Cape Buffalo- Kazinga channel boat safari

Kazinga Channel Boat Safari- Uganda safaris

Kazinga Channel in Queen Elizabeth National Park The Kazinga channel is 32 KM found in Queen Elizabeth National park and connects Lake Edward and Lake George. It is one of the highlights for travellers on Uganda wildlife Safaris and the Kazinga channel boat safari should not be missed by anyone visiting the park. The Kazinga […]

Kyaninga Lodge- Luxury safaris in Uganda

Luxury Safaris in Uganda/Luxury fly-in Safaris

Travelers interested in luxury safaris in Uganda and or luxury fly-in safaris can come on some of our luxury wildlife and gorilla trekking safari packages. At Gorilla Link Tours, we have the expertise to organize exclusive Luxury safaris in Uganda and luxury fly-in safaris to the different national parks and destinations. Our luxury safaris in […]

Uganda safaris

Uganda Safaris / Wildlife safaris / Gorilla trekking / Chimp trekking

Still wondering about where to go for safari? Come and enjoy a variety of Uganda safaris to different national parks with Gorilla Link Tours, a reputable and fast growing local owned safari company in Uganda. You can find out more on Trip Advisor what our previous clients have said about the safaris and experiences we […]