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Beach Safaris

Beach Safaris

Beach safaris are a must do just imagine the thrill of adventure combined with the beauty of an ocean creating unforgettable experiences. As you get to explore the untamed beauty of the tropical coastlines, cruising, spotting different birds, the aquatic life, walking on the shores as you feel the breeze of waves, isn’t this more than a vacation. It is a mixture of cultural immersions, water sports, beach relaxation and a lot more. Our beach safaris take you to Diani beach and Zanzibar.

Diani beach.

Diani beach is located 30 km south of Kenya’s coast. This beach is a soothing retreat known for its lavish resorts and villas, resorts, beaches, a number of water sports. A tropical paradise with crystal clear waters and breathtaking sand beaches harboring aquatic life like dolphins, whales and sea turtles. It’s a perfect slot for family, private and group safaris.

Things to do at Diani beach.

Sky diving. The Kenya’s permanent sky diving club is suited at Diani beach, the club offers skydiving equipment’s and guidance. While sky diving you will be able to get a bird’s eye view of the beach’s landscape.

Snorkeling and scuba diving. This is one of the most exciting activities whereby you will be able to spot the diverse marine life of the ocean.

Deep sea fishing. While at Diani beach you will be able to engage in deep sea fishing activities however this is best during the months of September to April since this is when the temperatures are favorable for fish availability.

Boat trips. This is a must do while at Diani beach in order to enjoy the views of the emerald waters. And the mesmerizing views of the ocean as well as aquatic life swimming beneath.

Water games. Diani beach offers games like golf at the shores, kayaking, paddle boarding, kite surfing and many more which you can engage in while on your safari.


Zanzibar  suited off the coast of Tanzania, the island is blessed with lush tropical landscapes, eye catching beaches, dazzling waters which make views of marline life easier which makes it the perfect destination for your next beach holiday.

It has got a number of attractions like including the stone town which is UNESCO world heritage site, beaches like Nungwi, paje which all have clear blue waters and sand on the shores, spice farms, prison island, local culture to mention but a few.

Activities that can be carried out in Zanzibar.

Besides the stunning beaches Zanzibar has a lot more to offer during your beach safari.

Snorkeling and diving. This activity is supported in zanzibar due to its coral reefs which support underwater activities.

Dhow cruise. Enjoy the calm waters of the Indian Ocean while on a wooden boat and get to enjoy the beauty of nature as well as the magic hour of the sunset.

Sport fishing. You are free to engage in either deep sea fishing or fishing around the shores with the local people.

Cultural experience. While on cultural encounters you will be able to visit the local people and get to know their culture and way of living. You entertained with cultural performances such as traditional dances.

Yoga and wellness retreat.  There are a number of yoga and wellness centres along the island and these offer yoga and wellness retreats which will help you feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

Cycling. Nothing is as fun as exploring the beauty of nature on a bicycle, rent a bicycle and then enjoy the stunning beauty of the ocean as well as the coast.

Visiting historical sites. You will visit the house of wonders, the sultan’s palace, the old forts and museums.

Jozani forest reserve. Explore the lush forest of Jozani and get to see the endangered red colobus monkeys and do bird watching.

Best time to do beach safaris.

Beaches are open all year round however the dry months of June to October are more rewarding since the weather is fairly cool and dry hence favoring all the beach activities including the water games since the sea is also calm during this season.