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Horseback safaris in Lake Mburo National park

Horseback safaris in Lake Mburo National park are without a doubt one of the most exciting and adventuresome on our Uganda safaris. They are run by Mihingo Lodge which has a concession to run horseback safaris inside the national park. The horseback rides offer an opportunity to travellers to see wildlife and interact with wild animals on beautiful horses. Animals that visitors see on the horse rides include zebras, buffaloes, giraffes, warthog, duikers, bush bucks, water buck, and different types of antelopes like the shy eland and the topi.

Some clients have been lucky to see leopards on a horse ride.

The number of different animals seen during the horseback rides depend on the time of year and the weather. Sometimes they move far in search of ‘greener’ pastures.

Watching wildlife from a horse is so peaceful and it is a totally different experience from being on a game drive in a safari vehicle.
Zebras, elands and other animals look on in a curious way at the horse without running away, but keeping a distance
Beginners and inexperienced riders are only required to walk.

For the Advanced Riders (4-5 hours)
The ride for advanced horse riders is absolutely beautiful, taking a rider to some of the most stunning spots in the park.

There are lovely stretches and routes that advanced riders can trot through in the beautiful national park. Rides for experienced riders go for 4-5 hours through the grassy Warukiri range of hills that are situated in the middle of the park. Warukiri ridge offers beautiful 360 degree views of the surrounding hills and valleys in the Park. On another furthest hill, there is a waterhole which normally attracts some animals that include herds of buffalo. Riders will also get a magnificent view of the 9 out of 12 lakes surrounding Lake Mburo National Park.

Required weight for riding horses in Lake Mburo National park

The maximum weight of each rider is 100 kg, but most of the horses cannot carry more than 85kg.

Before each ride begins, riders are required to be weighed to ensure that the horses are not damaged by carrying riders who are too heavy. If riders are too heavy for the horses, their backs can be damaged.

Riders should not be offended if asked to be weighed first. At the moment, only a maximum of 6 riders is taken at a time. All the rides are guided by at least one experience horse guide but most times, each ride has two horse guides

What to wear for horseback rides in Lake Mburo National Park

  • Helmets and riding chaps – These are provided are adjustable to fit all sizes and the saddles are English style only.
  • Long trousers and strong shoes if possible with a heel, but trainers are also fine.

Overnight Horseback Safari in Lake Mburo National Park
Overnight horseback safaris are exciting and riders either camp in pitched tents at the shores of Lake Mburo or on top of one of the many hills of the park, spending the night in the park, gazing at stars.

Dinner is a 3 course menu and a heavy breakfast is also prepared in the morning.

For inexperienced riders, you can walk or trot while the experienced riders can canter besides zebras through the grassy plains between the hills of Lake Mburo National park.

A maximum of 6 riders at a time can go for this overnight horseback safari

Stables and Stables Team
The stables at the moment accommodate 6 thoroughbreds, 1 warm blood, 3 ponies and 4 thoroughbred/pony cross. The warm blood, Vallas, is the strongest horse in the stables who is able to carry the maximum 100kg.

The stables themselves are very open aired with larges boxes for the horses. Numerous paddocks surround them and reach down in to the valley affording the horses a large space to run around in. Only in the evenings do the horses enter their stable boxes for dinner and protection from the hyenas otherwise spending their day out grazing on fresh grass often alongside zebra and impala.

The stable team lives down at the stables with the horses. This team is led by Joseph who brought the first ponies and horse over from Kenya with Ralph and he has stayed ever since. Joseph is also from Kenya and is fantastic with the horses, having worked in racing stables for 15 years.

About the Horses
Originally from Namibia, Ralph and Suni bought him from another horseback safari outfit in Tanzania. The thoroughbreds and ponies all originated from Kenya. One of the ponies, Bahari, is of the little stallion who has successfully sired four young ones from two of the thoroughbred mares, Elgon and Gabbra. He also is one of the best ponies for children to ride on their safari experience.

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