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Kidepo Savannah Lodge (Mid-range) – Kidepo Valley National park

Kidepo savannah lodge is located in the less visited Kidepo Valley National park in Uganda. The lodge is perfect for visitors who come for a wildlife safari in Kidepo Valley National park. It is a stone throw away from the park’s main gate and this makes it very convenient for travellers that stay at Kidepo Safari Lodge to carry out their safari activities.

The lodge was inspired by the homesteads of the local people and it is fully furnished by local materials and was built by the local people.

Kidepo Savannah lodge has a thatched restaurant area and bar with stunning distant views of the mountains and savannah grasslands of Kidepo Valley National park.

In the restaurant, you will be served yummy fixed 2 course meals for lunch and 4 course meals for dinner and clients with diet requirements are considered so long as the lodge is informed in advance

It has 8 self-contained rooms, each with a private veranda. Views from the veranda are stunning. The safari tents are raised on a plat foam, have spacious rooms which are en suite with hot showers and a flushing toilet.

For a budget option, there are 9 non self contained tents. These are spacious, but visitors share bathrooms which have hot showers and flushing toilets.

All rooms and tents have an outlet for charging your cameras, binoculars and phones

Top Activities to do while staying at Kidepo Savannah Lodge

Safari Game drives in Kidepo Valley National park – Game drives are a perfect way of getting up close to African animals. In Kidepo Valley National park, most game drives are done a long the Narus Valley because it has water throughout the year and most animals come here to drink water. The park has well developed track circuits to make game drives easy and enjoyable. Kidepo Valley National park has about 80 mammals that include elephants, giraffes, zebras, different types of antelopes, warthogs, lions, pangolins, porcupines, buffaloes among others. It is the only national park in Uganda that has cheetahs but these can also be found in Uganda’s biggest Wildlife reserve, Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve.A traveller can go for early morning game drives, or PM game drives and night games for the nocturnal animals. All the game drives are guided by a ranger from Uganda Wildlife Authority.

Nature on foot in Kidepo Valley National park – There is nothing that beats the feeling of a guided nature walk to the wild side of Kidepo Valley National park. A traveller gets close to some of the animals like the zebras, and the ranger is able to point out the different track prints of some animals. Kidepo Valley National park has great trails for guided bush walks which a visitor staying at Kidepo Savannah Lodge can easily go for due to accessibility to the park.

Hikes around Kidepo Valley National park – Visitors staying at Kidepo Valley National park can go for guided hikes to Lamoj Mountains which is close to Kidepo Valley National park. The hikes go a long the Narus Valley, which is popular for game viewing.

Kidepo River Valley – Although the Kidepo River Valley is dry almost all year round, visitors can still come to the area and walk a long the white sands of the river banks surrounded by beautiful palm trees. You may also have a mini picnic here. On your way to the valley, look out for ostriches, the biggest bird.

Bird watching at Kidepo Valley National park – Visitors staying at Kidepo Savannah Lodge can go for bird watching. Kidepo Valley National park has unique birds, about 50 bird species making it a bird watching haven for savannah birds. These include the superb starling, Verreaux’s eagle, Egyptian vulture, pygmy falcon, among others.

Wildlife around Kidepo Savannah Lodge – Zebras, warthogs and some antelopes come to the lodge especially in the evenings seeking refuge at the lodge from the lions.

Getting to Kidepo Savannah Lodge

Traveller coming to Kidepo Valley National park and staying at Kidepo Savannah Lodge can get there by two means of transport

Road transport – Kidepo Valley National park can be accessed by road transport. Over the past years, the roads have been graded and are nicer than before. These are turmec roads and it about 10 hours to get to the park. We recommend a night over in Gulu or Kitgum towns to break down the journey.

Air transport – We have partnered with Aerolink Uganda for scheduled or chartered flight to Kidepo Valley National park. The park has an airstrip close to the park headquarters and to Kidepo Savannah lodge. Fly-in safaris are perfect for clients who have a short time but still want to go for a Uganda Wildlife Safari or clients who do not want to go through the hassle of road transport.

Gorilla Link Tours organizes Uganda wildlife safaris to Kidepo Valley National park as below and these safaris that do not include a stay at Kidepo Valley Lodge can be customized to include a stay at this beautiful wilderness lodge.

Recommended safari itineraries to Kidepo Valley National park in Uganda

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