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Walking Safaris – Best Places for walking safaris in Uganda

Walking Safaris

Walking safaris on a Uganda safari offer a better way to get up close and personal with the African savannah bush and its wildlife. A walking safari such an adventure and it really is one way to get to know your friends. And family better as you walk through the different national parks.The best places for walking safaris in Uganda are Kidepo Valley National park and Lake Mburo National park.

The other place for a guided walking safari is the Ziwa Rhino sanctuary for a guided rhino tracking safari

Walking safaris are very special in a way that you walk in silence, enjoying nature’s rhythm. The Savannah land scape in these two national parks is exquisite. You get to see different types of trees – The acacia trees as well as the grassy plains and lots of animals that include zebras, buffaloes, different types of antelopes, elephants, and countless bird-life. The ranger guide points out to the different animals, their droppings and foot prints.

All walking safaris in Uganda are guided by an expert ranger guide who leads you every step and ensure that your safety is number. The ranger guides have so much experience, and always make the walking safari a truly enjoyable experience. They do teach you ways of the jungle and savannah plains, how to judge how big an elephant is from its prints. How to tell how fast a lion is walking, and how to tell the difference between different bird calls. You will learn so much and this makes walking safaris the best way to learn about the bush.

For the bird watching enthusiasts, a walking safari is a must. There are so many birds to be seen that include bateleurs, fish eagles, African hawk eagles, hornbills, barbets, rollers, sunbirds, bee-eaters, kingfishers, vultures, and many more. A walking safari allows you to get much better sightings of the countless birds in Uganda. Than you would from a safari vehicle.

For any questions about walking safaris on offer and itineraries that include them please contact us. We can design great combination of luxury and adventure in a heartbeat.

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