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Tree Climbing Lions Safari in Uganda, Queen Elizabeth National Park

Tree Climbing Lions Safari in Uganda

Tree climbing lions safari in Uganda’s Queen Elizabeth National park Ishasha sector is one of the most fascinating safaris that should not be missed. In Ishasha sector, the Southern part of Queen Elizabeth National park is where these king of the jungle lions are seen lazying in fig trees and sometimes, visitors find them climbing up there. It is estimated that there about 3 prides of lions in Ishasha with approximately 40 lions.

In the whole world, lions can only be seen in trees in Ishasha sector in Queen Elizabeth National park, Uganda and in Lake Manyara National park in Tanzania but with greater chance of seeing them in Uganda.

Ishasha sector in Queen Elizabeth National park is easily accessed from the northern part of the park, Kibale National park, from Kampala, on your way to and from Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park and a safari to the tree climbing lions is easily to incorporate in the different itineraries.

Apart from tree climbing lions, visitors will also be able to see herds of elephants, African Cape Buffalo, Etopi among others.

Commonly Asked Questions about Tree Climbing Lions of Queen Elizabeth National Park
Why do lions in Ishasha sector climb?
Preferred Tree in Ishasha. It is believed that of the reasons why these lions climb is that they prefer a particular tree in Ishasha- They love resting in the sycamore fig tree which has big shades.

To avoid insects. It is also believed that these lions climb trees to run away from ground insects which pester them while on ground.

To escape from heat. It is also said that they actually climb into the branches to escape from the heat on the ground and enjoy the cool breeze from the trees

Is it easy to see Tree Climbing Lions in Ishasha Sector?
Yes it is easy to see these tree climbing lions in Ishasha on a morning or evening game drive and they are often seen in the fig trees.

Many of our safari packages that go through Queen Elizabeth National park include a game drive in search for the tree climbing lions.

Our 4 Days Tree climbing lions and wildlife Safari in Queen Elizabeth National park is one our popular safaris among others. The sight of these big kitties in the trees is very memorable. So if you are planning a safari tour to Uganda, consider including Queen Elizabeth national park, specifically the Ishasha sector on your itinerary since these tree climbing lions are a rare sight.

Suggested itineraries that include a safari to the Tree Climbing Lions