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Sunset Cruise Safaris

Sunset Cruise Safaris

Sunset Cruise Safaris, Choose to enjoy a 1-2 hour boat ride which starts at around 4 or 5 pm in order to coincide with the magical hour of sunset. While on a sunset cruise expect to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere, scenic and mesmerizing views, stunning cloud formations, wildlife spotting, viewing different bird species. And most importantly the unforgettable life time memories created.

Sunset cruises in Uganda takes you to either Lake Victoria, Lake Bunyonyi, Queen Elizabeth national park on Kazinga channel or Murchison falls on the Nile River.

Lake Victoria.

Lake Victoria is the largest fresh water lake in Africa located in southern Uganda. Blast into an adventure of discovering the islands and unique features within the lake as well as the enchanting dramatic view of the sunset. The cruise starts at water frontier pier through different islands, crossing the equator line which enables you to spot a number of bird species like the African fish eagle and aquatic indwellers like Nile crocodiles.

The cruise lasts for two hours however it’s worth it as you get to see the final sunset rays dazzling on the waters of the lake creating beautiful sceneries like changing colors of the sky resulting into a romantic evening.


Murchison falls national park.

Murchison falls national park is Uganda’s largest park located in north western Uganda and it’s the home to the most powerful water falls. The park harbors a number of mammals including lions, leopards, buffaloes, giraffes, and bird species like shoebill stork, giant kingfisher, marabou stork and many more. Located on the shores of Lake Albert, the park offers scenic views.

Sunset cruises in Murchison falls are one of the top activities and considered to be the most stunning. The cruise takes place at either the Albert delta or at the bottom of the falls, while on the cruise expect to see a number of mammals on river banks, water birds, crocodiles, hippos and many more hence being rewarded with almost all the parks attractions.

Queen Elizabeth national park.

Queen Elizabeth national park is located in western Uganda with a diversity of habitats ranging from lush forest to open savannah. The park is a home to the rare tree climbing lions, leopards, crocodiles, buffaloes, elephants and many more plus over 600 bird species.

Sunset cruise are done on Kazinga channel which joins Lake George and Lake Edward.  Enjoy the magical hour of sunset as you also enjoy the scenic views of Mother Nature as well as spotting hippos, crocodiles, mammals coming to quench their thirsty and a number of bird species.

Lake Bunyonyi.

Lake Bunyonyi is located in south western Uganda in Kabale district. It is deepest lake in Uganda and a home to over 200 birds and also has over 29 islands.

A sunset cruise on Lake Bunyonyi is a breath taking experience that exposes you to the magical hour of the sun set as well as the great views of the sky being transformed into different colors. The cruise take 2-3 hours, during this activity you will be able to enjoy the panoramic views of the Kigezi hills, discover the different islands on the lake, spot different bird species, terraced farm lands, traditional homesteads not forgetting to take photographs of the golden hour.