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Private Safaris

Private Safaris

Private safaris are worth it since you decide what next for example you will create your own itinerary, decide on destinations to visit. Activities to do the pace you want them to do and a lot more without inconveniences. A private safari to Uganda offers a lot ranging from  the famous ultimate gorilla trekking activity in Bwindi impenetrable forest national park. Adrenaline activity like bungee jumping, rafting, kayaking and many more on river Nile in Jinja, do sunset cruise, game drives, birdwatching and many more. It’s a sure deal that a private safari in Uganda can’t go wrong due to the availability of options to choose on.


Activities to engage in while on a private safari.

Game drives.

While on a private safari you can engage in game drives in the different savanah national parks in Uganda. For example Queen Elizabeth national park, Murchison fall national park, Kidepo valley national park and Lake Mburo national park. You will get to see a number of mammals like zebras, kudus, lions. Leopards, elephants, antelopes, giraffes, bush bucks, Jackson’s heart beast and many more.

Boat cruise.

Explore the Uganda’s fresh water bodies while on a boat cruise either at Kazinga channel in Queen Elizabeth national park. Lake Mburo in Lake Mburo national park, the bottom of the falls or the delta while in Murchison falls national park. During the cruise you will spot a number of aquatic life like crocodiles, hippos, water birds and many more.

Chimpanzee trekking.

Chimpanzee tracking done in the tropical rainforests of Kibale forest national park, Kalinzu forest and Kyambura gorge. The activity involves the search for chimpanzees in their natural habitats. And when you find them you are given an hour to enjoy them in their natural habitats and take photographs.

Gorilla trekking.

During gorilla trekking you will be allocated a gorilla family in a group of eight people and you search these gentle giants in the lush forests. After finding them you will be given an hour to enjoy them in their natural habitats.

Bird watching.

Uganda is a home to over 1,000 bird species including shoebill stork, flycatcher, Rwenzori turaco, Rwenzori batis, Karamoja apalis, African Finfoot, marabou stork and a lot more which makes it a birding paradise.

Nature walks.

Guided nature walks can be carried out in the different national parks of Uganda, the forests and game reserves. While on a nature walk you will be able to spot different birds, primates like black and white colobus monkeys, grey checked mangabey and many more.

Community encounters.

Uganda has a diversity of tribes including Batwa, Karamajong, Ik, and many more which you can visit and get to know their ways of life, dress code, cuisine and many more. You will be entertained through music, dance and drama.

Cultural tours.

On a visit to Uganda you will be able to explore historical sites like museums, cultural centres, the Kasubi royal tombs and many more.

Adventure activities.

These include kayaking, bungee jumping, white water rafting and many more and these are mostly done in Jinja on river Nile.


Tips for private travellers.

  • Book in advance.
  • Make research about your destinations.
  • Be open minded.
  • Choose private transportation.
  • Work with a travel expert.
  • Wear comfortable shoes and clothes.
  • Ensure that you are safe.
  • Be flexible.
  • Avoid over packing
  • Stay informed.

Private safaris help in fulfilling your desired trip plans hence emptying your bucket list and providing unique and unforgettable memories.