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Cultural Safaris in Uganda – Amazing and fascinating cultures of Uganda

Culture safaris in Uganda are a great way for visitors to explore and learn about the amazing and fascinating cultures of about 54 tribes of Uganda. Uganda is very rich in nature and wildlife in the different parts and national parks of the country but is also rich with different cultures that are still undiscovered.

The country has 4 major kingdoms with chiefdoms and each with their own different ways and lifestyles.
Our cultural tours will let you explore some of the cultures in the different regions of the country.

Our cultural tours will also combine other Uganda safaris like gorilla and chimpanzee tracking, boat safaris, wildlife safaris, birding safaris and mountain hiking. Visitors will be able to participate.

Activities on cultural Tours
Home Stays
Home stays are a great way to learn deeply about ways and cultures of people. A traveller chooses to stay some days with a local Ugandan family, participating in their day to day chores, preparing and eating traditional and modified foods and going to the farms.

Milking Ankole Long horned cattle
Participate in milking the beautiful Ankole long horned cattle which can be seen throughout South Western Uganda. As you milk these cows, you will learn about their adaptation to harsh environment, their origin and what they mean to the people and how important they are during traditional marriages.

Uganda Food Tour
This Uganda food tour is a great way to get to taste local Ugandan food as well as to learn the history and culture of the different foods of the different tribes of Uganda, particularly with respect to how it influenced the development of the different cuisines. These include luwombo, Rolex, karo, eshabwe among others.

Guided village walks
Guided village walks take visitors through different communities for tea and coffee tours, distillation of waragi which is a local gin, banana beer brewing demo, a traditional healer showing you how he uses different plants for medicinal properties, a primary school, music and drama performances and visiting local primary schools among others

Visiting historical sites
There are different historical sites that can be visited during your cultural safari in Uganda. Some of these sites can be visited from Kampala and they include a visit to king’s palace, Kasubi tombs, among others.

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